Buy bags that do not like? Australia is popular with its own design

Woman always missing a bag? It is because no bag can be fully consistent with your mind. There are tens of thousands of famous international brands, but in important occasions if you "hit the package" with others, it is also a bit embarrassing. Some new women's bag brand, spots the female shoppers's tangled psychological hidden business opportunities, launches a "self-designed bag" service.

Mon Purse is an Australian brand, founder Lana Hopkins is 33 years old, she as a female consumer's personal experience inspired her entrepreneurial inspiration: "I am always looking for a perfect Handbag, but can not find, I feel so frustrated, you know that feeling? " 2014, michael kors outlet one day, she was in a shopping plaza in Sydney Xia Guang, accidentally broke into a called" custom a bear "Dolls custom shop, where you can pick the store to provide a small variety of raw materials, assembled a personalized version of the" teddy bear ". The shop customers are amined to children, Hopkins also made a nephew of his own, she felt that this personalized gift more "love", so she initiation of the "self-designed bag" business philosophy.

The new changes in the fashion industry - at present, Hopkins Montpellier brand has been opened in Australia, eight stores, the United Kingdom has three stores, the United States also opened two counters. Last month in December Christmas holiday sales season, Montessori sold nearly $ 2 million in bags, michael kors handbags outlet from $ 75 a simple small handbag to the pricing of $ 620 luxury version of the "Tote" package, including the Type of female package style. In fact, in the retail industry, "private order" is not new things. As consumers become more and more personalized, in fact, life has emerged a lot of "self-help design" products, such as paid music that can create a personal "song", buy sandwiches can also choose to add their favorite stuffing ... ... Bag design is just another "awakening" of the industry. Different from the fashion industry's high-level custom, similar to the Perths this "private custom" service. It not only to provide customers with the size of the tailored, more important is the independent choice of the creative and design. Customers have no reason to be unsatisfied with the designer's ideas, because from the beginning are their own election ah.

"I have never seen such a cultural trend in this market," said Frank Zambrelli, co-founder of "Popularization" of "Personalization" - New York Bags Manufacturing Enterprise "One Studio" refresh my awareness." However, the kind of completely let customers in accordance with their own ideas designed" private custom ", the price will be too high and difficult to promote, so most of the" self-designed bag "brand, including Mongolia Perth, including, have adopted a "popular personalized custom" business model. In other words, customers can design their own bags, but the style, size, color and material selection can only be limited to the directory provided by the store. For example, if Montessori claims to have as many as hundreds of thousands of designs "permutations and combinations", but the actual choice is only 19 kinds of bag styles and 35 colors. Which in the fashion industry has been called a subversion. In the past, some of the big brands of the so-called "personalized custom" is to allow customers to choose to change some of the fixed design of small elements, such as bags on the accessories. Most of the fashion brand is only by their own design team to determine what the next season, and then put the design to the factory to mass production. Do not you like the design of this season? Sorry, no choice, michael kors outlet online or you do not buy it. Montessori uses a 3D computer game technology based on the visual design tool, the customer through this software can choose bag size, cortex, metal accessories style and lined with color. Select the favorite "combination" after the order, duration will take about two or four weeks.

At the end of last year only to the market, "No. 1 studio" launched self-service design services, only 10 kinds of available styles, but customers can choose different colors, side bags, pockets in the color plate for the body carefully screened. Zambreli founded the "One Studio" before the Chanel is the designer. He said that the unique "private order" in the past meant had an exceptionally high price, but compared to the mass production of luxury brand bags, now you can spend less money to order such a "personalized" bag. Of course, this is by no means civilian consumption. In the "one studio" custom bag a price of at least $ 295, the most expensive will be $ 7380. Zambrelli said that although it is less than the profits of large-scale production of brand stores, his shop "that is ready to sell", at any time there will be no inventory, greatly reducing the pressure on the return of funds

India launched the "cheap version" - thinking two options above are too expensive? India has a parity version. India's Totececa (Toteteca) launched a self-service package for as long as $ 25 to $ 40. The key to low cost is that it is not leather raw materials, but PVC artificial leather. 31-year-old founder of the Tuo Tateka Kushar Qudiwara said that no leather is out of "ethical" considerations. In Hinduism, the ox has a sacred position. Tuo Tateka customers's design of the bag in terms of the creativity are more bold and rich than the Monesers customers, the latter 70% of the self-design orders or a style of black leather bag, and Tuo Tai Taika finished products are more colorful.

When the company designer questioned, the customer has to adhere to their own design philosophy, so Chu Diwala had to follow the customer's idea, to make that very "personality" of the bag. As a designer of Chanel, Zambrelli began to set self-help design platform, has been stubborn in the customer's creativity to some restrictions and guidance: in the design software, the customer once in this step to select a design element (such as color ), michael kors shoes sale The next step with the choice will automatically shrink in a certain range. Zambrellis said the move was to prevent customers "designing something that was hard to ashamed to print their own logo." But in the end, the team decided to give the option to the customer. "I am so glad that we had made this decision, and the result really made me an eye-opener." Zambrelli said: "Many people choose a combination of different materials and colors, in my 25-year qualification designer, I was so ashamed that my eyes were so narrow that there were so many possibilities. "However, whether it was" Studio One ", Montessori was still The founder of Tuo Tateka, in the business philosophy of a little coincidence: that is, do not give customers "too much" choice, because it will make them pick the eye, but no way to start to encourage customers to play at the same time, Need to guide customers properly. The next step in Montpellier is to introduce a self-help design service based on data analysis for customers who choose "a little confused". Hopkins said: "We can refer to the customer 'face book' on the photos, find your color, material and design style of special preferences, and then tell the customer you may like A, B and C this design,

Of course, if you have no idea of ​​what the accessories style, your social media record also can not provide any inspiration, the total can refer to fashion principle "do not know what to wear when the election black is never wrong", choose a simple, michael kors bracelet sale generous pure black bag will be just fine.

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