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2018 spring and summer ladies luggage trend theme prediction - dancing youth

"Dancing youth" focus on increasingly blurred age boundaries, and youth is not to see your age but a state of mind, design respected individuality and self-expression, different elements here eclectic mix together.
With the rise of the Z generation, X generation and baby boomers of the behavior more and more young, life is longer than the previous generations, the concept of youth is no longer fixed, different age elements mixed, the rules were broken, Constantly confident new style emerged.
In the design of the accessories, the various elements together, with the nature, unexpected details, showing a customized DIY style.

Color plate
The theme of the color embrace the youthful vitality, from electro-powder color such as artificial yellow to darker dark, such as plum red and other colors have a lot of ways, complementary combinations such as the United States blue and light blue, light lavender and popular powder , These break the conventional combination of people soothing, a series of metallic color to bring luster, highlight the fun.

Modern gorgeous wind
In the "dancing youth" under the theme, everything is so bright and dynamic, supplemented by a unique personalized DIY design. The early 90s of the club can bring us inspiration, combined with high gloss surface, such as satin and reflective metal and colorful colors, inkjet processing or flashing decorations.

Interesting fetish
Subversive fetish shape once again subverted, Z generation on the basis of the interpretation of a more light, fun style. Binding style cage structure for bags, hardware hardware is the focus of the details, whether it is buckle or zipper and metal, the use of plastic surface or a series of electro-toner color.

Art style
The art world has become the focus of fashion design focus, no matter what age people are advocating style, a large number of leading fashion people at the forefront, creating a more liberal style, sculpture-like shape and bright colors, Using a more striking bold proportion. In the components and surface patterns show DIY style.

Cultural integration
X generation and Z generation of consumers from their own age to obtain their own needs, cross-era to become the theme of this feature, exquisite design and self-confidence, which unique details, exaggerated proportions and subversive elements and high-end materials and more subtle The perfect blend of structured details.

What cloth do the bag in the cloth okay?

What cloth do the bag in the cloth okay? A good bag, not only need a good style design, but also need a good quality! I believe in the eyes of the majority of beauty, the bag not only to the trend to look good, and the quality must be decent. Although the bag with the problem should be a lot of women headache things, can be more troublesome, bags used in the cloth also spent a lot of thought.

How many clothes do the bag in the cloth okay?
Because the cloth is able to reflect the quality of a bag of the place! The lining of the material and variety of many, the general bag will be used in double-sided cloth, mainly because of its softness and permeability, it is in line with the skin touch. Although the feeling of the grade is relatively low, but there will be some brand bags business like to use double-sided cloth to print a variety of patterns, this grade up. And why the double-sided cloth is popular? Because compared with the general cloth, it has a good silky touch, so very popular with businessmen!

Do you have a bag in cloth?
But Well, if only double-sided cloth, then the bag's three-dimensional sense is not displayed! Because the fabric is very soft! So you can choose to take double-sided cloth to do the surface, and in which a layer of canvas to do more inside, so that the bag will be more stiff.

You ask me why love to buy a package? To be honest, I do not know either

Since the study of the online shopping, I enjoy the fun of shopping, while suffering from the disappearance of money struggling. Haha, pain and happy!
Afternoon rest, browse on the page, read a page and a page of the bag, my colleagues saw me: "You want to be crazy, and buy a bag. You are a bag control." Haha, maybe it! Last night I had wanted to buy a bag on the Internet to my mother, but did not buy, but gave himself to buy one. Today on the page to browse, unwittingly and look at the bag. Looked and looked, and felt that we liked this likeness, too, and there was a lot of bag in shopping cart. Of course not all buy, go home or to re-screen.
About me to buy bags of this matter, her boyfriend has been very supportive, because my things is too little. A large standard box can put all my things are loaded: four seasons clothes, underwear, socks, bags, cosmetics, plus shoes. After buying N, the boyfriend to see me in the online browsing bag, surprised to ask: "You have to buy a bag?" Although asked, but he felt as a woman, my bag is not enough! He said that every woman at least five pairs of women, high heels, flat heels, sports shoes, boots. Bags at least 16 or so to match out. He seems far better than I understand the needs of a woman.
Yes, I admit that a woman has a natural preference for the bag. Bracelet is wrist between the shaking style, then the bag is the arm of the swing of the gas field. A long time ago saw an article, said the psychologist found: handbag can give women a greater degree of self-confidence and security, put on a beloved bag, obviously make women more practical and more confident The I did not like the original bag, but my coat has a very convenient, very comfortable pocket, daily must be found in the pocket. Now I started with a bag, but also with the mood and clothing at any time change! Every time to go out, to accompany in the side is not necessarily girlfriend, not necessarily love, but absolutely a bag.
Initially, what is the woman's bag? "Purse" or "sachet" and the like, what was installed before it? Is there anything else other than spices? Since ancient times, these things have a soft spot for these things, Wang Xifeng because of a counterfeit purse will go to the front of Mrs. Wang cry. Until now, women are the same, for a long-standing brand-name bags in droves. Now what is the ladies' bag? Cosmetics, Notepad, Key, Wallets, Is there anything that is different?
I have a good friend, will bring a lot of things in the bag, so her bag particularly sink, I asked: "loaded bombs? So Shen?" She opened in addition to a woman's essential goods, there are documents, information The There are various cards: bank cards, beauty cards, membership cards for each mall. And even have: Swiss Army knife, Band-Aid, cotton swab, vials of alcohol and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and so on. I asked: "Do these have to take?"
She shook her head and said, "I do not have it, but I will not be able to find it when I do not take it.
"No law." I said.
"So I have been with him, even if I do not need it, and I will be able to use it," she added.
My bag must have a purse and a key. Someone asked: phone? My cell phone is usually in the pocket, do not put the bag. Bag inside will be due to different time there will be napkins, umbrellas, lipstick, lipstick. Later boyfriend bought me a comb, a small mirror. I see the bag is too messy, and re-buy a small bag, these small things are placed inside the packet, so the bag appeared on the bag inside the case of small bags.
Bag for women in addition to decoration and storage, the more of a feeling. Men are asking why women are like to buy a package? Bought so much to buy? The reason is very simple, in my opinion, the woman's expectation of the package is equivalent to men's luxury car. In the case of economic conditions permit, have a car want a cross country, with a cross-road feel less sports car. Fortunately, the type of car is not much, if the car and the same package price, it is estimated that the rush is a man. Some people say that the woman's package is equivalent to a man's table, in fact, now more and more powerful mobile phone, the table was almost eliminated, but there are still a lot of men willing to wear a table. This is a small part of the habit, the vast majority is installed, and the same package function. But the package inside the "loaded" is something, and the table "loaded" taste and temperament.
There is also a package that is an experience. The bag records the experience of the study; the travel bag records the record of the trip; the briefcase records the growth experience. Some bags, great, probably because often back, so there are already wear, scratches. But still retained, because the memory is left, is to read. Some bags, very small, very expensive, attend the occasion is not much, once a year with a time, coupled with gorgeous clothes, on the inside of the wardrobe, usually can not remember. But every time they take up as treasures. This is a beautiful dream, memories are happy. There is also a package, the most practical, when can be. Travel, work, shopping multi-functional package, like lovers, do not look good, but it is necessary, lost and pity.
Each bag is carrying a woman too much dream and look forward to, every bag is a woman's dependence, frustration or when needed, can be found from the bag you need something. To meet the woman sometimes only need a small handbag only.
What does a woman's bag symbolize? Sometimes women themselves are not out of the general. So men do not ask why buy a package, asked also asked white. Because the woman himself is not clear things, how to explain to you?
Oh? The Can explain! Only two words: need! Or want!

michael kors new women's bag to reproduce the beauty of fashion

michael kors new women's bag on the line, the interpretation of the beauty of fashion. michael kors MK brand has been meticulous workmanship, unique fashion design luxury jewelry industry in the top position. michael kors 2017 new female package, reproduce the beauty of fashion, amazing.

Since November 2016 michael kors MK22017 early spring bag series ad featured on the major fashion magazines, the michael kors 2017 new bag has been concerned about. The MK girl Alicia Vikander perfect show michael kors bag fashion beauty, michael kors iconic Twist and Capucines bag, very elegant, more able to set off the charm of women.

2017 michael kors spring and summer women's fashion show, the model hand with the MK handbag has become a big show on the fashion show, but also make the fashion industry feast for the eyes. michael kors 2017 new bag design to seize the modern women's fashion needs, the artificial aesthetics to the extreme, more practical. Package section is still exquisite workmanship, the appearance of fashion.

This MK brand of the Collector's Edition, very beautiful workmanship, storage space is also great, very bold blend of foreign culture, boldly with the handle color, and there is no tacky, but will be more simple. This section CHAIN ​​LOUISE handbags, exudes a thick elegant atmosphere, using a very good feel of the surface of the leather, the package section is not designed pattern, but with minimalist shape to conquer the public, coupled with the gold chain seems more Extravagance.

michael kors michael kors package has been leading the fashion, heritage classic. By virtue of the strength of the brand, superb workmanship, fashionable design, to conquer the fashion industry. Each package is printed with MK unique brand logo, each bag is given to the infinite charm. Unconsciously michael kors michael kors has been passed for a century, has been leading the fashion industry, can be very clever fusion of elements of the times, novel and unique design of the women's favor, each bag will become a classic, but also Will still interpret the unique charm of women.

Michael Kors becomes reliant on promotions to rid the channel

Meanwhile, Kate Spade — the other member of the triumvirate of accessible luxury handbags — has not announced a pullback from department stores. And yet executives also spoke of trouble recently in dealing with promotions. Michael Kors’ bags and accessories are a perfect amalgamation of timeless class and eternal elegance. The bags come in various styles, sizes and colours to match every mood and every outfit as well. That kind of talk probably sends a chill down the spines of department store executives because it raises a critical question: If these luxury brands decided to reduce their business with department stores, could other apparel and accessories makers follow suit? If they were to do so, it could turn an already-troubled segment into a fashion backwater. Plus, many big-name department stores in the United States, such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, have little or no physical retailing presence overseas, meaning they’re not well-positioned to be a part of the growth potential that brands like Kors see in international markets..

Made with pebble leather, this tote will hold all your essentials and then some. The zippered compartments ensure that your belongings are well-separated and finding them is hassle-free. The company said last week that in its own stores, it would push full-price items and save its discounts for special sale events, perhaps cutting even deeper during those periods. The retailer already has cut back on flash-sale events this year, holding only about one-third as many as it once did.. The collection features the brand’s Daniela crossbody bag and Pouches camera bag in a neutral and timeless oyster shade. With its compact size, classic shape and long shoulder strap featuring chain and leather, the Daniela is practical and versatile.

A very wise person once said, “You are what you wear.” And, if you’re a woman worth you weight in style, you’ll take this to heart. Style essentials may vary from woman to woman, however, style rules hardly ever change. The problem is even if Michael Kors becomes reliant on promotions to rid the channel, it will result in multiple quarters of poor sales and also poses the risk of becoming impatient and making mistakes. Meanwhile, Kate Spade is looking at Michael Kors' retreat and "stuffing" the wholesale channel and ramping up promotions but Coach is showing some restraint..

Mon Purse also couldn’t have scaled a customizable business without a proper supply chain in place. For a new company to offer on-demand, customizable designs shipped within a reasonable timeframe (customers are asked to expect their bags to take up to four weeks to ship), establishing a reliable supply chain and manufacturing process was crucial.. Now we can add Kaley Cuoco to the list of fans and she opted for this oversized tote while out and about in Los Angeles yesterday. Now this is a bag that can fit in all your essentials and quite a few non-essentials too.

Enhancing the interactive experience, also includes an influencer and user-generated content component built-in collaboration with Sprinklr, the social technology platform. Fans can engage with the campaign by posting street-style photos of themselves wearing Michael Kors on Instagram and Twitter with #SidewalkSpotted, and a selection of user posts will be featured on the Michael Kors The Walk platform, Walk, as well as Kors’ social channels.. The study also found that overall spending among teens in down slightly. But despite the enduring covetability of Nike in high school hallways, denim brands saw a rise in popularity versus the survey's spring results.