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You ask me why love to buy a package? To be honest, I do not know either

Since the study of the online shopping, I enjoy the fun of shopping, while suffering from the disappearance of money struggling. Haha, pain and happy!
Afternoon rest, browse on the page, read a page and a page of the bag, my colleagues saw me: "You want to be crazy, and buy a bag. You are a bag control." Haha, maybe it! Last night I had wanted to buy a bag on the Internet to my mother, but did not buy, but gave himself to buy one. Today on the page to browse, unwittingly and look at the bag. Looked and looked, and felt that we liked this likeness, too, and there was a lot of bag in shopping cart. Of course not all buy, go home or to re-screen.
About me to buy bags of this matter, her boyfriend has been very supportive, because my things is too little. A large standard box can put all my things are loaded: four seasons clothes, underwear, socks, bags, cosmetics, plus shoes. After buying N, the boyfriend to see me in the online browsing bag, surprised to ask: "You have to buy a bag?" Although asked, but he felt as a woman, my bag is not enough! He said that every woman at least five pairs of women, high heels, flat heels, sports shoes, boots. Bags at least 16 or so to match out. He seems far better than I understand the needs of a woman.
Yes, I admit that a woman has a natural preference for the bag. Bracelet is wrist between the shaking style, then the bag is the arm of the swing of the gas field. A long time ago saw an article, said the psychologist found: handbag can give women a greater degree of self-confidence and security, put on a beloved bag, obviously make women more practical and more confident The I did not like the original bag, but my coat has a very convenient, very comfortable pocket, daily must be found in the pocket. Now I started with a bag, but also with the mood and clothing at any time change! Every time to go out, to accompany in the side is not necessarily girlfriend, not necessarily love, but absolutely a bag.
Initially, what is the woman's bag? "Purse" or "sachet" and the like, what was installed before it? Is there anything else other than spices? Since ancient times, these things have a soft spot for these things, Wang Xifeng because of a counterfeit purse will go to the front of Mrs. Wang cry. Until now, women are the same, for a long-standing brand-name bags in droves. Now what is the ladies' bag? Cosmetics, Notepad, Key, Wallets, Is there anything that is different?
I have a good friend, will bring a lot of things in the bag, so her bag particularly sink, I asked: "loaded bombs? So Shen?" She opened in addition to a woman's essential goods, there are documents, information The There are various cards: bank cards, beauty cards, membership cards for each mall. And even have: Swiss Army knife, Band-Aid, cotton swab, vials of alcohol and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and so on. I asked: "Do these have to take?"
She shook her head and said, "I do not have it, but I will not be able to find it when I do not take it.
"No law." I said.
"So I have been with him, even if I do not need it, and I will be able to use it," she added.
My bag must have a purse and a key. Someone asked: phone? My cell phone is usually in the pocket, do not put the bag. Bag inside will be due to different time there will be napkins, umbrellas, lipstick, lipstick. Later boyfriend bought me a comb, a small mirror. I see the bag is too messy, and re-buy a small bag, these small things are placed inside the packet, so the bag appeared on the bag inside the case of small bags.
Bag for women in addition to decoration and storage, the more of a feeling. Men are asking why women are like to buy a package? Bought so much to buy? The reason is very simple, in my opinion, the woman's expectation of the package is equivalent to men's luxury car. In the case of economic conditions permit, have a car want a cross country, with a cross-road feel less sports car. Fortunately, the type of car is not much, if the car and the same package price, it is estimated that the rush is a man. Some people say that the woman's package is equivalent to a man's table, in fact, now more and more powerful mobile phone, the table was almost eliminated, but there are still a lot of men willing to wear a table. This is a small part of the habit, the vast majority is installed, and the same package function. But the package inside the "loaded" is something, and the table "loaded" taste and temperament.
There is also a package that is an experience. The bag records the experience of the study; the travel bag records the record of the trip; the briefcase records the growth experience. Some bags, great, probably because often back, so there are already wear, scratches. But still retained, because the memory is left, is to read. Some bags, very small, very expensive, attend the occasion is not much, once a year with a time, coupled with gorgeous clothes, on the inside of the wardrobe, usually can not remember. But every time they take up as treasures. This is a beautiful dream, memories are happy. There is also a package, the most practical, when can be. Travel, work, shopping multi-functional package, like lovers, do not look good, but it is necessary, lost and pity.
Each bag is carrying a woman too much dream and look forward to, every bag is a woman's dependence, frustration or when needed, can be found from the bag you need something. To meet the woman sometimes only need a small handbag only.
What does a woman's bag symbolize? Sometimes women themselves are not out of the general. So men do not ask why buy a package, asked also asked white. Because the woman himself is not clear things, how to explain to you?
Oh? The Can explain! Only two words: need! Or want!