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michael kors is significantly revamping its discount strategy

The handbag sector has been battered in recent years. While each brand remains a strong household name, the new designs and strategies hardly seem to resonate with the customers. Executives are on alert — "quality of sale" is a phrase used a lot — and a blueprint is already being executed on. First up, michael kors is significantly revamping its discount strategy, and has asked department stores to take michael kors off its list of brands that get discounted for promotions like friends and family sales.

“The Coach brand is comping closer to low-to-mid single [percentages], it’s not aggressively growing,” Chen says. “To obtain a higher valuation in retail, you need to accelerate growth.”. We put a number of different tools in the store that allow you to have a better experience. One example is our Pack-A-Purse station. Coach is a luxury fashion company headquartered in New York City. Compared to the others, Coach is more steeped in history (founded in 1941) and emanates a feeling of tradition. "Their Instagram photos, for instance, exemplify exactly who the michael kors woman is and what she wears. They really stand out at communicating their message.

Right now, Coach has about $800 million in cash to spend, and its stock is trading at around $39 per share. It’s assumed that Michael Kors — the most likely other bidder — would use stock (currently trading at about $37 per share) to purchase the company.. Our customer loves tech, she's on the go. The Everpurse collaboration is a line of handbags and a pouch that are capable of portable charging. "Our story lives in the tradition of all of the spirited, madcap heroines who have come to New York City and made it both the inspiration for and the location of their story," says Kristen Naiman, michael kors's vice president of brand creative. "So if you think of the heritage of Sex and the City, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Nora Ephron, and Joan Didion, it's all of those women that come to New York looking for that story, and it's the adventures that they have along the way that truly comprise it.

Shifting gears, we can see that michael kors & Company (NYSE:KATE) has a Q.i. Value of 23.00000. The clean nylon bags — which came to include totes, messenger bags, and mini backpacks, and were described as "preppy-with-attitude" by the Washington Post — caught on fast. Three months after a Vogue editor spotted Brosnahan's table at a trade show, the magazine featured michael kors in its pages, right next to Gucci, no less. Michael Kors identifies itself as a lifestyle brand that is known for its global accessories, footwear and apparel lines. Its products typically feature distinctive designs that seek to unite style with a sporty attitude.

In 2007, due to what they claimed were family obligations, Kate and Andy left the company. The pair has managed to distance themselves from their namesake brand over the last nine years, and just last month the Business of Fashion reported that michael kors had changed her name to Kate Valentine in order to align fully with her new shoe and handbag line, Frances Valentine.. Andy, who didn't leave his advertising job for another five years, drained $35,000 from his savings account. The pair hired Pamela Bell and Elyce Arons, two of Brosnahan's best friends, to help out with the new business and worked around the clock from their Tribeca loft..

What cloth do the bag in the cloth okay?

What cloth do the bag in the cloth okay? A good bag, not only need a good style design, but also need a good quality! I believe in the eyes of the majority of beauty, the bag not only to the trend to look good, and the quality must be decent. Although the bag with the problem should be a lot of women headache things, can be more troublesome, bags used in the cloth also spent a lot of thought.

How many clothes do the bag in the cloth okay?
Because the cloth is able to reflect the quality of a bag of the place! The lining of the material and variety of many, the general bag will be used in double-sided cloth, mainly because of its softness and permeability, it is in line with the skin touch. Although the feeling of the grade is relatively low, but there will be some brand bags business like to use double-sided cloth to print a variety of patterns, this grade up. And why the double-sided cloth is popular? Because compared with the general cloth, it has a good silky touch, so very popular with businessmen!

Do you have a bag in cloth?
But Well, if only double-sided cloth, then the bag's three-dimensional sense is not displayed! Because the fabric is very soft! So you can choose to take double-sided cloth to do the surface, and in which a layer of canvas to do more inside, so that the bag will be more stiff.

Realistic to people can not bear saliva food bag! Avant-garde fashion, attractive!

Novelty bags and other jewelry that we have seen a lot, the most classic than Moschino launched that section of McDonald's potato package, since the advent of potato chips after the release of those personality package quickly hit the fashion circle. And recently the Netherlands has called Rommy Kuperus designer, actually created 70 balance of food-inspired handmade wallet. From pizza, cookies to meat sauce, cake, etc., each one can not help but swallow water. Do not think that these wallet can only see, it may be installed a lot of things! Later, the designer for each bag shot with a large fashion, modeling or avant-garde or dignified, regardless of multiple sex food bags can be used as a good ornaments, the following quickly with us to see these delicious The bag of it

Purple and bright powder hit color, round shape.

  1. Yogurt oatball
    Blue and white combination, with light blue skirt.

Ham pizza
Seductive red pizza color, with elegant tight red dress.

Seductive yellow powder pizza color, with elegant light pink skirt.

  1. strawberry Melaleuca cake
    Three-dimensional square red and white cake, with asymmetric elegant lotus leaf black dress.

  2. raw beef
    A little funny raw beef plate, and wide legs with body pants with personality independent.

  3. Donuts
    Classic round, and suits, skirt with a good shape, the focus is to use a good color.

  4. Cheese fries
    Red fur shawl with lazy fries holding the bag, is definitely the focus of the party.

  5. Three ball ice cream
    Ice cream with yarn dress, classic girl line.

  6. Cheese
    Three-dimensional triangle package, different combinations of yellow with a sense of vision.

  7. Chocolate Bean Cookies
    The use of good cake on the color, in the clothing on a reasonable color match.

  1. Creamy cake
    As long as the use of good cake on the color, shape how much cake can be harmonious digestion.

  2. Cookies
    Orange and purple, avant-garde color combinations

  3. Apple kernel
    Apple bag may have a lot, but the bitten apple is absolutely rare!

  4. Lollipop
    Girl's lollipop and woman's high heels.

  5. Vegetable burritos
    Green and red, because the semi-round vegetable pancake pack becomes fashionable.

  6. croissant
    Purple and orange hit the color of the original avant-garde.

  7. Cheese sandwich bread
    Red jam and red coat cute echo.

  8. Bacon pizza
    Green leaves and green blouses are also a lovely echo.

  9. butterfly face
    Much like a beautiful butterfly-style decoration.

  10. Sushi rolls
    Small sushi bag, and Meng and fashion.

  11. Mango pie
    Brown dignified and cute mango faction just neutral.

  12. Pancakes
    If you put too many things, what is the pizza holding up?

  13. Makalon Cake
    So matte finish color, like the girl's friends must love turned!

  14. Sweet tube
    Go to the playground must be with such a sweet bag, the atmosphere was enough.

  15. Spilled coffee
    For coffee friends, this spilled coffee must be very interesting.

26.Nutella Chocolate Sauce
Do not know maybe you really think you are mentioning a big jar of chocolate sauce!

  1. strawberry cake
    Such a big one, who is bite it?

  2. Sweet Orange Cream Cake
    Sexy lace socks and gloves, and ultimately the lovely cake embellishment.

  3. Meat sauce
    Cute meat sauce and red and green clothing together with the appearance.

  4. Omelette
    The idea of ​​fried eggs has always been a lot of friends like.

  5. Almond biscuits
    The color of the biscuits is so tempting that it must have been baked!

  6. Strawberry Chocolate Cake
    Lifelike to drool, so want to bite!

  7. dishes on the plate
    Carrying such a bag, hungry when it is not hope to worry about it?

  8. sandwich
    Elegant sexy clothing, and then a fast food sandwich, this is not enough fashionable?

How about the next time do not want to try to come with a delicious bag to do with it?

Vacation series bags look ahead, the package has been released, do not start to prepare?

Today, small tape with you look at the holiday series show big bags are long how

Chanel The theme of the early spring vacation series chose the origin of literature and beauty - ancient Greece
In the Grand Palace in Paris reconstruction of the Greek ruins, models are also all incarnation for the Greek goddess
In order to meet this theme, many packages in the details of the design are also very "ancient Greece"
A variety of bunches of the vase package is the new holiday package design
There are sizes to choose from
Very suitable for carrying a beach vacation

Gabrielle purse mouth in the show also appeared on the show
As well as the shape of the bag is like a bag, also belong to the appearance of small but can install the package type
The owl is the Greek god of birds, it is a symbol of wisdom in Greek mythology
Envelope bag color is very special
Entry-level 11.12 in the holiday series into a knitting section, retain the classic prototype at the same time become more light
Bunny shoulders

Louis Vuitton2018 early spring vacation series is in Kyoto, Japan, Nicolas Kyoto to the natural landscape for the inspiration of the pattern, Kyoto days, trees, water through art, abstract approach to become a tapestry, embroidery patterns
The color of the handbag "grimace", is the Japanese designer Yamamoto Katsuya (KansaiYamamoto) works, which Louis Vuitton new partner
He designed for this series of kabuki, warrior pattern, as always colorful with a strong taste of the East
In addition to hand-held, but also the style of Messenger
With a lock decorated lanterns handbag also appears to be very unique
Carrying a vacation to the beach must be pulling the wind, or at home when the decoration is also a good choice
"Grimace" and a small hard box together, it is interesting

Dior this holiday series of large show in the desert, the designer will be a lot of earth color and desert style into the design
To Lasco cave fresco pattern as a source of inspiration, showing the wild and yet soft image of the western girl
A variety of desert patterns appear in the package design
Full of rich ethnic customs
Classic chain is essential
Fur tassel with national customs of the wide shoulder strap, creating a kind of unruly wild beauty

Prada this holiday series show is selected in the most beautiful shopping center in Milan, the overall feeling more romantic, this is the first time for Prada for its early spring vacation series held independent walking show
Can get the mini version of the "diary" it bag looks more interesting
There are more fancy style
Classic black and white is wild and practical
Big logo style
Mini size looks more Meng
Printing style
Simple black briefcase is also true

After reading the above four holiday packages have not been attracted?