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michael kors is significantly revamping its discount strategy

The handbag sector has been battered in recent years. While each brand remains a strong household name, the new designs and strategies hardly seem to resonate with the customers. Executives are on alert — "quality of sale" is a phrase used a lot — and a blueprint is already being executed on. First up, michael kors is significantly revamping its discount strategy, and has asked department stores to take michael kors off its list of brands that get discounted for promotions like friends and family sales.

“The Coach brand is comping closer to low-to-mid single [percentages], it’s not aggressively growing,” Chen says. “To obtain a higher valuation in retail, you need to accelerate growth.”. We put a number of different tools in the store that allow you to have a better experience. One example is our Pack-A-Purse station. Coach is a luxury fashion company headquartered in New York City. Compared to the others, Coach is more steeped in history (founded in 1941) and emanates a feeling of tradition. "Their Instagram photos, for instance, exemplify exactly who the michael kors woman is and what she wears. They really stand out at communicating their message.

Right now, Coach has about $800 million in cash to spend, and its stock is trading at around $39 per share. It’s assumed that Michael Kors — the most likely other bidder — would use stock (currently trading at about $37 per share) to purchase the company.. Our customer loves tech, she's on the go. The Everpurse collaboration is a line of handbags and a pouch that are capable of portable charging. "Our story lives in the tradition of all of the spirited, madcap heroines who have come to New York City and made it both the inspiration for and the location of their story," says Kristen Naiman, michael kors's vice president of brand creative. "So if you think of the heritage of Sex and the City, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Nora Ephron, and Joan Didion, it's all of those women that come to New York looking for that story, and it's the adventures that they have along the way that truly comprise it.

Shifting gears, we can see that michael kors & Company (NYSE:KATE) has a Q.i. Value of 23.00000. The clean nylon bags — which came to include totes, messenger bags, and mini backpacks, and were described as "preppy-with-attitude" by the Washington Post — caught on fast. Three months after a Vogue editor spotted Brosnahan's table at a trade show, the magazine featured michael kors in its pages, right next to Gucci, no less. Michael Kors identifies itself as a lifestyle brand that is known for its global accessories, footwear and apparel lines. Its products typically feature distinctive designs that seek to unite style with a sporty attitude.

In 2007, due to what they claimed were family obligations, Kate and Andy left the company. The pair has managed to distance themselves from their namesake brand over the last nine years, and just last month the Business of Fashion reported that michael kors had changed her name to Kate Valentine in order to align fully with her new shoe and handbag line, Frances Valentine.. Andy, who didn't leave his advertising job for another five years, drained $35,000 from his savings account. The pair hired Pamela Bell and Elyce Arons, two of Brosnahan's best friends, to help out with the new business and worked around the clock from their Tribeca loft..

LV 2018 early spring series bag details, look at this is enough!

Louis Vuitton 2018 early spring vacation series in Japan, Japan, the United States show art museum release. This early spring series Louis Vuitton continues to take us to exotic fugue, from the natural and urban integration of Japanese-style aesthetics to get inspiration in the modern world and ancient civilization, in the future and poetic, in the city and nature between the advance and retreat, change freely.

Louis Vuitton's exotic fugue, French "life art" portrait show. The devout and respectful nature of nature exudes the spirit of mountains and trees. Will be the ultimate modern embedded in the endless natural landscape, beautiful show Museum can be described as one of the leaders.

Evolution from tradition to modernity is the subject of this series. Designed everywhere in the Japanese elements to express a sincere respect. Garment clothing in the Japanese samurai, the traditional sculpture, ink landscape, celebration costumes and martial arts Kendo shadow, but also can not help but think of black Ze Ming-style film drama aesthetics or North wild weapons sad lens.

Well, the clothing series in a lot of media have introduced, are very beautiful, here is not one by one introduced. In order to quickly and effectively let you see the latest bag fans, we directly into the bag to see it! ~

Or just familiar with the Twist, but in this year's Yamamoto fasting design, added his own good at using a variety of exotic patterns. Everywhere reveal the antique Japanese design elements.

Not only that. But also the use of exclusive Yamamoto broadly karaoke art design style. Coupled with the popular elements of the two years of the splicing elements and rough chain. So that this bag is full of exotic at the same time also caught the popular points. Bags and handbags are decorated with antique karaoke mask.

In this year's surprise, it is this only bucket bag friends. Never-ending rivets and LV classic inverted triangular clasped with the body of the body of the design of elements of the body, although it is a small one, but it is full of full of devotion with respect to nature, With

LV 2018 early spring series of bags, are so beautiful, is not it a little heart? First mind in the scheduled style, and then spend half a year enough money, you can start to buy it!

Michael Kors camera bag design also Kazakhstan, the new bag carrying Korean culture stunning stunning, Christmas back body is simply fashionable to fly!

Michael Kors is pleased to announce the launch of the Korea-limited SCOUT camera package, launched at Seoul's flagship store to celebrate the grand opening of the flagship store.

South Korea limited the camera package perfect blend of MICHAEL KORS design concept and Korean characteristics of culture, together with metal stars decorated on the bag above, and there are 6 different cartoon decorative stickers available for selection, in the full display of Korean popular culture at the same time , To provide customers with an exclusive opportunity to design their own camera bag.

MICHAEL KORS hands with Korean popular model Irene Kim shooting video blockbuster, fashionable Irene Kim personally DIY DIY SCFE camera bag, walking in Seoul street alleys, blowing the Korean culture and brand JET SET life concept in the The perfect presentation in the video.

Trends in New Trends in 2017

2017 popular bag style you know it?
Observe these big bags, like the United States and the girl found their common ground,
That is popular mini bag this year
Then follow the United States girl to see it ~!

2017 spring and summer Dior launched the bag can be said that the girl full of heart. Dior may be the first ushered in the first female designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, design style from the female perspective, the new quarter of the bag is full of exquisite feminine.
Dior new quarter of the bag a lot of styles of shoulder straps are used to deal with large, with the delicate box bag match, bag also carved the Tarot style above the pattern, with exquisite style.

Gucci bags recently began to take the charming line. Color with more vivid, the pattern is also more meticulous, prominent features.
For the designer after the Gucci, recently changed for endorsement - handsome shaking, which makes a lot of sister for the circle of powder.
2017 spring and summer theme is "magic lanterns", whimsy design so that the bag is more full of sex. Gucci and illustrator Jyde cooperation, bag pattern from the illustrator art, really very hard ~

Impression has been quite lawful Coach, in 2017 combined with the United States punk, rivets, designed to be full of cool.
2017 new quarter of the bag mainly to explore the relationship between punk and American culture, so it is not difficult to understand the chain of bags, rivets cool decorative ideas.
In addition to the cool punk style, Coach in the new quarter of the bag also joined the retro old-fashioned design, as well as flower elements, retro and with a little lively.

Valentino in the previous period of time on the Internet high heat, sought after by the sister, 2017 Valentino design can be said to be small and exquisite, really is too small, the small may only pretend a lipstick, but meticulous design, Exquisite mix and proportion let everyone want to buy!
2017 spring and summer new bag is a creative director of the designer Pierpaolo Piccioli launched the first quarter of new products, the new quarter of the bag will be a very light way to show the feminine beauty and romantic ideas. Mini bags may also lead a new round of fashion trends, so refined into a part of life.

Every few years, Bohemian wind will be popular once, not only because it comes with colorful elements of fashion, but also because it has always been the interpretation of women's freedom and lazy classic model.
Chole's new quarter of the bag continues the Bohemian style, and launched a new series of Nile Bag.

Nile Bag series is very interesting this year, mainly mini, semi-circular handbag with metal ring handle, but also as a crossbody bag (Messenger bag) is not only beautiful and practical, pocket metal pendant for the bag plus points , The color also has a variety of options, can be any with clothing.

The new quarter of the Fendi bag value is very high ~ to the modern Luo cocoa wind as a source of inspiration, light, delicate, delicate, complex are reflected in the Fendi2017 spring and summer series, bag shape sweet and lovely, practical ribbon ribbon on the shoulder strap as a decoration , Full of feminine. The main sand and ice with the bow tie to highlight the city dream girl heart.
And the first quarter of the first quarter of the Dotcom Bag series of small design, I believe can also be welcomed by the sister.

2017 bag fashion trends - 4 strokes let you pocketed the rate

2017 autumn and winter four fashion week has been perfect ending, as always, over a hundred fashion brand conference new out of the nest, each have the style. Many top brands Christian Dior, Celine, Chloe, Valentino, etc. did not let fans disappointed, once again to create a surprising autumn and winter series. Show the field, in addition to clothing to attract attention to the shape, the hands of the bag to take the same grab the limelight, after all, ladies for the type and practical bags are full of desire.

This year's autumn and winter fashion week, handbags and materials on the color are very interesting, many brands also continued the spring and summer hot handbag life, and now together to see 2017 handbags fashion trend bar.

Autumn and winter bag trend: stacking ride
If you do not want to hit the package, then follow the major brands together to play a stack of bags of the game bar, more than two bags together, do not have some fun. This year's show this bag on the package stack wave also blowing very Sheng, mini wallet take a variety of capacity of the bag, neck bag + hand bag, etc., full of tricks.
Fendi's bag is no mini size, but made the feeling of stacking. Which is a more with a ring buckle, three different size of the bag together, novel and full of personality.
Brain hole open Gucci play on the stack of fun, a series of bags, a code show off their wealth. Messenger, hanging neck type, pockets style have, look at each of them are also remarkable.

Autumn and winter bag trend: double shoulder belt
Double shoulder strap in this year's bag is also very popular elements, if joined the wide shoulder strap even more fashionable, Christian Dior, Fendi have also launched a long shoulder strap staggered bag, both diagonal, can also be used to hand , Whatever you want.

Autumn and winter bag trend: ring elements
Ring elements once launched on the fire to no, whether it is shoes, clothing or bags, with the metal ring on the moment chic up. And this year's popular way to get the bag is to get steady, bracelet design is the most representative of the metal ring. Especially Chloe, simply put the ring play bad, for several quarters of the bag are ring elements dominated.

Autumn and winter bag trend: Big Size package
Large number of handbags a few quarters have been a few popular items, such as Celine tote, the Celine also did not let the melon people disappointed, the new package after another, capacity has been walking "kind" line.

Autumn and winter bag trend: fairy bag
With a variety of fairies, girls wind prevails, of course, bags have to keep up with the rhythm, fairy brand Valentino this season's package is still good to see cry, and fairy and beautiful.