michael kors new women's bag to reproduce the beauty of fashion

michael kors new women's bag on the line, the interpretation of the beauty of fashion. michael kors MK brand has been meticulous workmanship, unique fashion design luxury jewelry industry in the top position. michael kors 2017 new female package, reproduce the beauty of fashion, amazing.

Since November 2016 michael kors MK22017 early spring bag series ad featured on the major fashion magazines, the michael kors 2017 new bag has been concerned about. The MK girl Alicia Vikander perfect show michael kors bag fashion beauty, michael kors iconic Twist and Capucines bag, very elegant, more able to set off the charm of women.

2017 michael kors spring and summer women's fashion show, the model hand with the MK handbag has become a big show on the fashion show, but also make the fashion industry feast for the eyes. michael kors 2017 new bag design to seize the modern women's fashion needs, the artificial aesthetics to the extreme, more practical. Package section is still exquisite workmanship, the appearance of fashion.

This MK brand of the Collector's Edition, very beautiful workmanship, storage space is also great, very bold blend of foreign culture, boldly with the handle color, and there is no tacky, but will be more simple. This section CHAIN ​​LOUISE handbags, exudes a thick elegant atmosphere, using a very good feel of the surface of the leather, the package section is not designed pattern, but with minimalist shape to conquer the public, coupled with the gold chain seems more Extravagance.

michael kors michael kors package has been leading the fashion, heritage classic. By virtue of the strength of the brand, superb workmanship, fashionable design, to conquer the fashion industry. Each package is printed with MK unique brand logo, each bag is given to the infinite charm. Unconsciously michael kors michael kors has been passed for a century, has been leading the fashion industry, can be very clever fusion of elements of the times, novel and unique design of the women's favor, each bag will become a classic, but also Will still interpret the unique charm of women.

MINI bag let you light into battle, see fashion fine who are fine bags!

Although the purchase of handbags or buy big classic models of the most cost-effective, but those who once back out of the street hit the pack hit the classic models will occasionally make people feel boring. Summer heat waves are rolling, the thought of carrying in the hot sun is really very expensive at the same time it is really heavy package on the faint headache. In fact, those cute MINI BAG is a must for a summer of a single product Oh!

Decoration is greater than practical
Although the phone gradually become larger, carry makeup makeup and so on, girls really need a Tote bag to carry everything. But like the stars who make life difficult, but have to back a super Mini small package concave shape. Level to practical and convenient for the first principle of the pockets also become a decoration. Yu Bo choose Chanel retro pocket to make its overall shape more modern.

Leandra Medine hands this package is also very powerful, is the architect of the Frank Gehry and LV cooperation models, he put the essence of his architectural style into the bag design, the entire bag lines and faces are distorted, completely not Logical, it seems very free. To an original square of the hard box has become so dynamic, it is a very powerful design! Such a package in his hand even if nothing can be installed is also happy!

Kendall is a mini bag loyal supporters, especially lv this package she is the interpretation of the three look, we can see how deep love Small and delicate this kind of cute awkward really is a big bag can not.

There are super fashionable pockets of beans how will not it, with knitted sweater is the eighties retro girl both view!

In addition to the pockets, in fact, such a clear outline of the box seems to look like a small box, really loaded things will find that when the shape of the package is really very tasteless! The phone a little bigger, the powder is a little thick are not get into the. But the beauty of the girls who manage your practicality, as long as the mix is ​​not enough!

Shape the strange handbag
When many need to "cure" serious patients have been tired of the conventional section of the handbag, this strange handbag began to appear in the street beat. In addition to a variety of strange profile, the different patterns, fabrics, etc. so that the design of handbags have more possibilities.

Pony brother some time ago in the LA street shooting, this Chanel bag on the success of my attention, it has a similar canvas bag shape, but the use of classic fabric is a major highlight of it. Lazy random and have a high degree of identification!

And I love the owner of the savis hands to get this from the Row of silk texture bag is also particularly not to. With the burden of the same appearance, soft fabric texture compared to the box package also has a greater space! Such a package in his hand afraid to hit the package Well!

Drawing rope package is still the trend this year, lazy random appearance in the show also frequently appear!

Straw bag
Straw bamboo basket such a package is really out of this year, a dark horse, more and more fashionable fine into the ranks of straw. Back to nature, really no longer synonymous with the beach. Many of the daily mix are quite useful, orange Jun has also mentioned n times. If you do not really buy it!

Polo shirt with half skirt, very daily because with the straw bag more color, and very interesting!

Colorful bright package
Modeling small Mini bag if the use of God's deep color will appear too mediocre, will pick the tip of the red goods people love the colorful super-mini-package. Those small enough to only hold a few cards a lipstick little bag, chic style reflects the exquisite female. Effort Girl prefer to quietly choose and clothing or other jewelry can play a response to the mini bag to decorate themselves.

Kendall this body is really high degree of recognition, but also with the same color with a good example. Bag and the whole echoes, really is the brightest day in the summer of a touch of yellow!

The last sentence: read is not that the package!

Michael Kors Fashion China Year: Most in New Year bags here!

In the fashion industry, the major brands have also in their own form, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In the Michael Kors Paris boutique, everywhere shining with Chinese red and gold. Yes, we are about to celebrate the Chinese New Year, all the blessings can be converted into gifts, we donate each other, but also harvest blessings - this is the New Year in our special significance. The finish of fashion is not a brisk bag! Handbags as our indispensable fashion weapons, but also as a new year gift of choice. There is no doubt that the occasion to buy a bag of the United States and the United States is my new year!

No brand will be like Michael Kors to play endless creativity to celebrate the Chinese festival, in Michael Kors Paris Saint Honoré St. Honore Road and Le Marais Mahe District boutique, filled with a thick festive atmosphere. From January 23 to February 2, guests who are spending on the store will receive a lucky red envelope containing a small prize, or a coin purse, or 10% discount on the next purchase (online Or boutique), or a personal design experience experience. In Paris Saint Honoré boutiques are more colorful and fun. From 27th to 29th, guests will be invited to participate in their handicraft special event, from Michael Kors Chinese New Year series to draw inspiration, hands to create rooster and feather shape of paper handicrafts.
I am completely in love with the Michael Kors Chinese New Year special series of six baby. Cherry red and gold combination, it is the next year's lucky single product! Come and join me to start Michael Kors' New Year tour! Maybe we are used to shopping at any time on the Internet easily, but nothing can go to a boutique like to buy their favorite products, like, feel the luxury and thoughtful shopping experience. Take a look at Michael Kors this year's Chinese New Year.

Michael Kors Scout cherry color medium leather camera bag € 350
This retro camera bag is as delicate as the front seats of Fashion Week. MichaelKors in the design of this camera bag reference Fuji's InstaxMini shape. But it is not a real camera bag, but the reference to the shape of the camera bag does not require the camera, you can always put this lovely bag back on the shoulder. These side bags are not used to install retro film, but for you to prepare the lipstick, change or other small things place ~

Michael Kors Ginny Cherry Messenger Bag (Medium) € 195
If you are a practical girl, love freedom, like portable and can pack, you will love this. Sparrow is small, five internal organs complete, Ginny meet what you need, can be messenger can be portable, beautiful leather pendant and chain leather handle, the details of the full score.

Michael Kors Mercer Light Gold Leather Handbag (Large) € 350
Whether it's a daily outbound or a business meeting or a cocktail party, this versatile handbag can show your elegance and the atmosphere at all times. Large capacity Mercer can easily put down your working files. When you put it in your elbow, instant gas field full open. Golden color is sparkling love, coupled with hair ball ornaments, the effect is better Oh

Michael Kors Jet Set Light Gold Messenger / Handbag (Large) € 175
When a clutch becomes a messenger bag, you will have a special bonus - a perfect combo combination. This is almost an irresistible single product in any wardrobe - because it helps you with any style of clothes and occasions. You can with the weekend casual wind can also go to work and perhaps light chic sports wind. If you are looking for a minimalist package, then it is your first choice.

Michael Kors Cherry Blonde Keychain € 60
Cute and furry to please the texture, this naughty hair ball is simply the most Meng Meng's small fortune! With it, your whole person becomes cute and soft. You can be fixed to your hair bag or backpack, this little cute will add much for your bag.

Michael Kors Mercer cherry phone bag (large) € 110
When the phone shell has become an irresistible fashion trend, which is now you must get a single product. When you need to travel lightly, just need to bring your cell phone, cosmetics and credit card, a simple chic phone case handbag can come in handy, multi-function mobile phone package is undoubtedly a new classic.

Come and Michael Kors Paris and Paris sweetheart to celebrate China! Activity time: from January 23 to February 2, Paris sweetheart wish you in the purchase of the favorite New Year bag at the same time, you can harvest the amazing good luck red envelopes Oh! A limited number of first-come-first-served basis, what are you waiting for?

17/18 autumn and winter handbags conference comprehensive analysis - focus on color

Comprehensive analysis
Seasonal profile profile greeted, luxury colors favored, many innovative colors and more classic winter colors have appeared.

Winter white
Winter before the snow is a single sport in the trendy colors, and now developed into a considerable commercial attractive important color, simple and elegant. Patent leather, smooth leather and refreshing silhouette more enhanced this bright color, cloud white and gray also appeared.

Metal silver
Metal silver to the trendy single product adds futuristic color, so that the classic style glow new, making the winter dress sooner or later Safe. Light silver in the direction of the metal color to dominate the reflective material of this tone attractive.

Honey powder
Honey powder began to become the season this series of more striking feminine color choice, different colors, both soft colors, but also pink rose powder, and further consolidate the Paris conference through the beautiful romantic theme. Gorgeous velvet and satin material with this color, more enhanced the romantic atmosphere.

Alternative yellow
From the acid powder color and light sun color to the luxury ocher and orange, this novel color began to become eye-catching bright color, to the personalized accessories and shoes to add vitality and warmth. This color will become a seasonal trend of individual products personalized choice.

Bright color combination, so that 17/18 autumn and winter series is more amazing. Contemporary color together, emphasizing the sense of contrast, there is no color rules at all. Saturated sky blue, apple green, bright orange, purple, scarlet and emperor purple is to create the vitality profile of the important colors.

Vacation series bags look ahead, the package has been released, do not start to prepare?

Today, small tape with you look at the holiday series show big bags are long how

Chanel The theme of the early spring vacation series chose the origin of literature and beauty - ancient Greece
In the Grand Palace in Paris reconstruction of the Greek ruins, models are also all incarnation for the Greek goddess
In order to meet this theme, many packages in the details of the design are also very "ancient Greece"
A variety of bunches of the vase package is the new holiday package design
There are sizes to choose from
Very suitable for carrying a beach vacation

Gabrielle purse mouth in the show also appeared on the show
As well as the shape of the bag is like a bag, also belong to the appearance of small but can install the package type
The owl is the Greek god of birds, it is a symbol of wisdom in Greek mythology
Envelope bag color is very special
Entry-level 11.12 in the holiday series into a knitting section, retain the classic prototype at the same time become more light
Bunny shoulders

Louis Vuitton2018 early spring vacation series is in Kyoto, Japan, Nicolas Kyoto to the natural landscape for the inspiration of the pattern, Kyoto days, trees, water through art, abstract approach to become a tapestry, embroidery patterns
The color of the handbag "grimace", is the Japanese designer Yamamoto Katsuya (KansaiYamamoto) works, which Louis Vuitton new partner
He designed for this series of kabuki, warrior pattern, as always colorful with a strong taste of the East
In addition to hand-held, but also the style of Messenger
With a lock decorated lanterns handbag also appears to be very unique
Carrying a vacation to the beach must be pulling the wind, or at home when the decoration is also a good choice
"Grimace" and a small hard box together, it is interesting

Dior this holiday series of large show in the desert, the designer will be a lot of earth color and desert style into the design
To Lasco cave fresco pattern as a source of inspiration, showing the wild and yet soft image of the western girl
A variety of desert patterns appear in the package design
Full of rich ethnic customs
Classic chain is essential
Fur tassel with national customs of the wide shoulder strap, creating a kind of unruly wild beauty

Prada this holiday series show is selected in the most beautiful shopping center in Milan, the overall feeling more romantic, this is the first time for Prada for its early spring vacation series held independent walking show
Can get the mini version of the "diary" it bag looks more interesting
There are more fancy style
Classic black and white is wild and practical
Big logo style
Mini size looks more Meng
Printing style
Simple black briefcase is also true

After reading the above four holiday packages have not been attracted?