Marc Jacobs launched a new mini bag - a total of three colors

August 15, a lot of people may have little understanding of Marc Jacobs, in fact, this is a from the United States, "the fashion industry old urchin" in the last century launched a personal name of the brand series. Jacobs with life to experience the design, with the design to reflect the life, in his design, both a street artist atmosphere and aristocratic yuppie style makes Marc Jacobs brand as a star and fashion youth sought after fashion trends The

Mark Jacques cloth in this year for us to bring a simple style of the bag, a total of three colors of the bag. Respectively, brown, blue and green, and khaki. Mark's design style more performance for the "Ronin fashion", he designed the products are free to mix and match, different styles for people to bring a different sensory experience. This brown bag with the classic style of color, so more wild features.

Blue and green bags, in the cold color of the blue is more cold, with green tones, but it seems a trace of rebellious, as if in the challenge. The letter of the front of the bag is also very simple, in line with the simple design features bag.

The back of the bag did not design any pattern or accessories, so that the bag is more simple. In the bag of the zipper is also only a similar to the floral decoration, Mark design has never been from the simple, generous this theme.

Bag zipper out of fine workmanship, in the corner at the round corner of the way, not to draw people, but also increase the service life of the zipper. Zipper only designed a small accessories, to the overall bag as the crowning touch.

2018 spring and summer key single product: men bag

Choice in today has long been commonplace, bag size and style have a variety of options, from the ultra-small technology package to the portable bag, their size and appearance is not only practical, but also very personal. For men to provide consumers with a lot of choices, almost to meet the preferences of each. The rise of modular bags and deformable bags is unstoppable
Sports detail is still important, including webbing and clipping. Pull rope, buckle, waterproof zipper is equally important
Leather and canvas and other printing materials to help create a single product personality
Street-style modeling and holiday style dress are still important

Shopping bags become men's explosion, this season is a popular theme among the world's travelers, new technology details and a large number of folk patterns. Lanvin uses a ribbon shoulder strap and elastic rope; Paul Smith uses 3D pockets and eye-catching zippers. In addition, the same color or eye-catching contrast details are also important.

Whether it is the use of soft leather production, or with smooth technology nylon production, backpack and more use of large design, showing soft collapse shape. From the pursuit of outdoor activities, the style and the season's most popular decoration is very contrast: buckle fabric strap, and waterproof zipper. Mesh detail and striping are also key to building a modular single product.

Street mounted swept the bag to continue popular. Made of high-grade leather, and with clothing to create fashion modeling Messenger bag is the most popular, this style has great potential to rise to the luxury market. Texture skins and dark high-grade synthetic fabrics are very important, the use of ribbon shoulder strap or with cloth shoulder strap, metal accessories are mostly silver.

Suitable for loading expensive technology products of small single product to become the key, a variety of materials to create dynamic luxury design. The first trend of outdoor modeling means heavy claws, metal holes, ribbon is the key. Kenzo with bright color exotic skins emphasize fun; GCDS emphasizes retro style.

Deformation of the bag in line with consumer expectations, the consumer's wardrobe unprecedented enhancements, through the volume, buckle, zipper, buckle change out of other modeling bag popularity soared. Backpack can be turned into a shopping bag, portable bag can become a camping backpack, bag type has been difficult to locate, functional nylon or luxury leather made of the bag is particularly the case.

Pockets in the fashion market and luxury markets have a lot of innovation space, with high-level fabric production. Through the back of the eighties and nineties, the charm of the pockets is not only retro this point. In fact, enough to make it stable in the ranks of the trend. The zipper pocket is important, but the buckle and lengthen the pull ring can also be designed for extra points.

There are taste and very classic, this elegant and elegant weekend bags have plenty of space. Luxury leather upgrade simple style, contrast color or fabric splicing to give a single product appearance. Mostly for the double handle handle with shoulder strap style, the use of mesh cotton or matching leather as a trim.

Flat leather handbag to make vacation modeling more complete. These simple single product using dark blue, black, brown color; more stylish single product is used pattern edge, printing, inlaid design. Wristbands are very common, so that online communication of active men always leave electronic equipment and other essential goods.

In many slightly different styles, the practical elements of these large packages are obvious. Choose a variety, in addition to the optional style, there are a lot of fabric to choose from, from the woven nylon woven cloth to exotic skins and printing leather, everything. Bulky metal accessories emphasize the masculine tone of these portable luggage bags.

This thousand ladies star with the bag, you must afford it!

Speaking of rich handsome country, then Italy is definitely the first to bear the brunt! On the road encounter high-value handsome ratio of up to 90%. In a beautiful look hot high country, a high value of the birth of the bag is absolutely reasonable!

Furla this from the high value of Italy brand, with sophisticated workmanship and classic style swept the fashion circle. Sitting on the first line of high-value Italian descent light of the first carry the child.

High value and will play Furla season will launch a different material and pattern, can be described as committed to the popular manufacturing.

Fashionable how to heat the case, only a summer bag for the summer can be solved!

Summer is wearing a skirt and cool shorts of the season, simple and lightweight single product to become the favorite of the girls this season, and as a bag of small fairies, in the temperature is too hot weather, how to choose a whole Shape, instant cool sense of doubling the bag is the key!

Summer clothes are mainly cool style, bag naturally can not be too heavy, mini bag, bamboo bag, transparent package, have become the summer bag fashion trends.

Of course, summer summer today will not recommend to you flood the big card red card, but as always recommended some not only in the design of their own unique, the quality is also a good style unique small brand bags. Hope that the little fairies in the summer can use the bags can be different from the elegant temperament!

Many of the background so I recommend bamboo bag, this year must recommend you CULT GAIA home bamboo bag, this summer fashion bloggers almost a man of their home bamboo bag, fresh and simple, as if filled with a whole summer.

Many people afraid to carry bamboo bag with a kind of vegetable basket both visual sense, which is more test with skill, some national wind characteristics of the skirt, or a word design of a single product can control bamboo bag.

Such a fresh Cult Gaia you can think of is from the passion of the Los Angeles brand! In addition to this bamboo shoots a high rate of appearance, there are green and white style, the design is very special, semi-circular outsourcing like Japanese sister will carry the lunch bag, but Baoshen regular gap design and unique art Feeling, michael kors handbags outlet temperament did not lose any big bag!

Jessica Alba, Jenn Lake are lap powder, Simon sister with a piece of wide leg pants with this bag fresh and gas field.

In addition to half a month design style, michael kors purses cheap other bags are also very characteristic, giving a casual and comfortable holiday feel.

Dangerous and fashionable! Handbag should be so "get" | is popular

Girls for the choice of the bag is never the end, and now men have embarked on this no end of the road of no return! Different times the boys for the choice of bags increasingly diverse, and has long been not limited to the backpack or messenger bag, more fashionable models become a new generation of popular single product, such as hand bag! Has become one of the highest sales of the major brands, but you really know how to choose the clutch?

Observe a man's taste from the details of a watch, a pair of shoes, a cufflinks, these are the decision to taste the little secret, in addition to those, the choice of bags absolutely can not be ignored. And the clutch is able to become the best point of suction dress, there are many mistakes in choosing bags, you are a good selection of men, the wrong election that is the soil male.

First of all, say how to choose the style. There are many styles of handbag, it is recommended that friends starting buying it do not choose too complicated models, simple and neat design will never go wrong, B --- U --- T I said the neat is not the meaning! Unless you are over 65 years old, or really do not recommend that you spend money on this!

Size is very important, too small hands hold bag that does not really look good! The following are worth a good choice for investment, whether it is size or contour for all boys. Do not choose too thick design, thin and light is the key to the boys holding the package fashion, after all, if you really have a lot of things to bring that it is recommended that you are in exchange for a shoulder bag!

With a small design is more interesting, but this package is also very picking. Choose this design sense of the bag must be considered with the whole body, do not wear shirt shorts when taking this package, or will be very funny! With this package, the most insurance to wear is a formal point.

And then, talk about the color of the choice, the color side can be bold, summer, you are not always addicted to dark lines, choose some fresh color, if you choose a bright color as simple as possible to wear easily, or will be fancy. As long as you dare to take, dazzling cortex and color can plus points a lot for overall shape.

Looking back over the past few years the T station, the design has been in the bag on the big fuss, whether it is color or material are breaking the traditional male package of the frame, avant-garde outline and details now are not out.

Spring and summer this year, the major brands are still constantly updated, so that boys get more rich package. In the face of such a design, some people may think that a little "mother", saying that the boys back to the package for the mother or not does depend on the way to take, rather than the style. The most simple and rude way that is "one to seize" handsome and chic to hold it, which is all boys favorite way to get packages. The use of wrist joints will easily hold up the bag, the natural fall of the arm will make you look like a mature atmosphere, but remember that the bag is too much stuff, or handy. About 5 cm under the armpit of the bag on the chest, then the elbow slightly bent, with the way to hold the bag! This is also the most common street tricks! The above three strokes is the most common and most easy fashionable way to get packages, has told you how to choose the package and how to take the package, this summer is the time to make you fashion!

Michael Kors becomes reliant on promotions to rid the channel

Meanwhile, Kate Spade — the other member of the triumvirate of accessible luxury handbags — has not announced a pullback from department stores. And yet executives also spoke of trouble recently in dealing with promotions. Michael Kors’ bags and accessories are a perfect amalgamation of timeless class and eternal elegance. The bags come in various styles, sizes and colours to match every mood and every outfit as well. That kind of talk probably sends a chill down the spines of department store executives because it raises a critical question: If these luxury brands decided to reduce their business with department stores, could other apparel and accessories makers follow suit? If they were to do so, it could turn an already-troubled segment into a fashion backwater. Plus, many big-name department stores in the United States, such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, have little or no physical retailing presence overseas, meaning they’re not well-positioned to be a part of the growth potential that brands like Kors see in international markets..

Made with pebble leather, this tote will hold all your essentials and then some. The zippered compartments ensure that your belongings are well-separated and finding them is hassle-free. The company said last week that in its own stores, it would push full-price items and save its discounts for special sale events, perhaps cutting even deeper during those periods. The retailer already has cut back on flash-sale events this year, holding only about one-third as many as it once did.. The collection features the brand’s Daniela crossbody bag and Pouches camera bag in a neutral and timeless oyster shade. With its compact size, classic shape and long shoulder strap featuring chain and leather, the Daniela is practical and versatile.

A very wise person once said, “You are what you wear.” And, if you’re a woman worth you weight in style, you’ll take this to heart. Style essentials may vary from woman to woman, however, style rules hardly ever change. The problem is even if Michael Kors becomes reliant on promotions to rid the channel, it will result in multiple quarters of poor sales and also poses the risk of becoming impatient and making mistakes. Meanwhile, Kate Spade is looking at Michael Kors' retreat and "stuffing" the wholesale channel and ramping up promotions but Coach is showing some restraint..

Mon Purse also couldn’t have scaled a customizable business without a proper supply chain in place. For a new company to offer on-demand, customizable designs shipped within a reasonable timeframe (customers are asked to expect their bags to take up to four weeks to ship), establishing a reliable supply chain and manufacturing process was crucial.. Now we can add Kaley Cuoco to the list of fans and she opted for this oversized tote while out and about in Los Angeles yesterday. Now this is a bag that can fit in all your essentials and quite a few non-essentials too.

Enhancing the interactive experience, also includes an influencer and user-generated content component built-in collaboration with Sprinklr, the social technology platform. Fans can engage with the campaign by posting street-style photos of themselves wearing Michael Kors on Instagram and Twitter with #SidewalkSpotted, and a selection of user posts will be featured on the Michael Kors The Walk platform, Walk, as well as Kors’ social channels.. The study also found that overall spending among teens in down slightly. But despite the enduring covetability of Nike in high school hallways, denim brands saw a rise in popularity versus the survey's spring results.